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Tina Cure (
Date:Wed 18 Mar 2009 01:22:03 PM EDT

In the last three weeks we have booked two trips with "CAPTAIN KEITH". On our first trip we fished for two days and had our limit both days .We had such a great trip we waited a week and booked for another four days.The weather was'nt great but we still managed to catch fish and get our limit.We even managed to bring home three trophy fish .It was a good time and great family memories,thanks to Keith and all the people at the DRUM HOUSE.


Paul Vanderford (
Date:Sun 08 Mar 2009 04:18:19 PM EDT
Subject:Great trip

We booked a trip with Captain Keith and had an excellent time. Many redfish were put in the boat and even a few over sized that we had to tag. It could not have been any better. All gear was top notch and the service was the best I had ever seen. All we had to do was reel them big boys in. Captain Keith even cleaned our fish when we got back to the dock. We will be going back not only for another fishing trip but to hang out in the "drum house". If you don't know what the "drum house" is, then you will have to see for yourself.


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